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FarmHQ Now Offers Quick Scheduler for Pumps and Solenoid

Apr 30, 2024

Farm irrigation technology company FarmHQ has announced that its irrigation management platform now includes a scheduling feature. FarmHQ’s new Quick Scheduler lets growers set shutdown timers, one-time irrigation sessions, and repeating irrigation schedules in real time. It’s the latest feature in the FarmHQ platform, which upgrades any irrigation pump or solenoid-compatible valve – regardless of age, make, or model – into a smart irrigation tool. FarmHQ’s new Quick Scheduler lets growers set shutdown timers, one-time irrigation sessions, and repeating irrigation schedules in seconds for any pump or solenoid-compatible valve.

Simple irrigation scheduling systems are common in residential and commercial applications, but for farms, existing scheduling systems are designed for complex networks of irrigation equipment, require wires or local networks to be configured, and have outdated user interfaces.

FarmHQ’s Quick Scheduler can be scheduled independently on each existing pump or valve, making it easy to start with a single pump, or automate a farm’s entire operation. There are no limits to the number of schedules a grower can create or to the number of different pieces of equipment FarmHQ can run.

Growers can also make changes to their irrigation in real-time, and the Quick Scheduler will implement those updates immediately.

“Too few growers have access to a simple scheduling tool that lowers their costs and stress while streamlining their water use. Our Quick Scheduler gives growers around the world a new way to transform their existing equipment and irrigation operations – all from their smartphone,” said David Wallace, CEO of FarmHQ and a third-generation potato grower from Washington State’s Skagit Valley. “With FarmHQ, growers can transform their pumps and valves into smart irrigation tools. As FarmHQ comes to more farms around the world, we’ll bring this right-sized solution for existing equipment on any farm irrigation operation.”

In July, FarmHQ announced flow rate analysis for any pulse output flow meter to help growers manage their irrigation and water use more efficiently and avoid overpaying for water, identify leaks, and automate their record-keeping and water usage compliance. FarmHQ’s flow rate analysis solution connects to any pulse output flow meter and updates the farmer with real-time and historical flow rate data, including peak flow and average flow, all in user-defined time windows. This new feature will provide valuable insights into the health of irrigation systems and water availability, and automate recordkeeping for easier compliance reporting.

Launched in 2020, the FarmHQ platform lets growers monitor, control, and automate any piece of their existing irrigation equipment to lower costs, simplify their operation, and reduce stress. The cloud-based FarmHQ app pairs with the FarmHQ cellular device, which can be retrofitted to any electric or combustion-powered water pump powering any irrigation system, solenoid-actuated valve, pulse-emitting flow meter, hard-hose irrigation reel, center pivot, and linear sprinkler, to provide growers and their teams new remote monitoring, control, and automation capabilities from a smartphone.

FarmHQ’s Quick Scheduler is free for all current FarmHQ users and will be available to all future FarmHQ farmers as a part of the robust package that monitors pressure, GPS location, time usage, and total water output.

Under typical irrigation conditions, FarmHQ saves approximately 500,000 gallons of water and reduces farmers’ labor and input costs by an average of $5,000 per device per irrigation season.

FarmHQ works anywhere a smartphone does and is being used on farms in 30 states and provinces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. FarmHQ devices are currently available to farms across North America for direct purchase and via the company’s network of irrigation equipment dealer partners.

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