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This Monster Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited Innova is the craziest MPV in India! [Video]

Jul 27, 2023

By Utkarsh Deshmukh

Published: August 1, 2023

The Toyota Innova, as we all are aware is known for its practicality and comfort as a popular family car and has long been a reliable choice for many families in the country. However, there exists a unique and awe-inspiring transformation that takes this familiar vehicle to a whole new level. Recently, the internet has been buzzing with excitement over the video of this monstrous Toyota Innova that has been making waves on YouTube. Recently a video of this extraordinary Innova has been shared online which shows what can happen if people decide to take something normal and turn it to the max of everything.

The video of this monstrous Toyota Innova has been shared on YouTube by B Choww on their channel. The presenter starts off the video by mentioning that this particular Toyota Innova, as everyone can tell by its appearance, is a one-off car in the entire country, and there is nothing else like it. He states that it took the owner of this car an entire year to start and finish this project. The presenter mentioned that as the Innova was a four-door seven-seater car, the owner had to chop off the body from between and remove 1 foot of the body and reweld the entire body. He then added that as the body did not fit the chassis, they had to fit the body on the chassis by adding risers.

After this, he added that they also removed the two extra doors and made it a two-door model. Moving on, the presenter mentioned that the owner of this Innova did not just want to make a lifted vehicle. He added that the owner wanted something that could perform well in off-road terrains as well. So, to achieve this, the owner swapped the stock petrol motor from the Innova and replaced it with a 3.0 Liter Turbo diesel engine. The presenter stated that the main reason for the swap was that the petrol Innova engine did not produce as much torque to tackle rough terrains. Another reason given was that the stock engine would have thrown a lot of error codes during different off-road courses, so they swapped the stock engine.

Moving on, the presenter then shows the suspension setup of the car and states that the owners have given this monster Innova a custom-made dual suspension at the front. He added that for the rear, they have added a single spring which gives the car a lot more cushioning, and there are additional sway bars and other suspension components to make the car ride on off-road terrains without any issues. He added that the car has also been fitted with massive 37-inch tires to take on the terrains.

Next, the presenter shows all the additional lights that have been added to the car to provide visibility in off-road terrains. The presenter mentions that apart from the pod lights and jungle lights on the front, the car also gets special turning lights on the inner side of the wheels which help in showing the path where the front tires are going. The presenter also mentioned that they had to make a lot of alterations like increasing the size of the steering shaft which goes to rack as the car has now been lifted. He also added that the air conditioning system had to be redesigned. Then, he shows the interior of the car and mentions that the middle seats have been removed, and the rear seats now have a huge legroom.

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