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NFL Rumors: Jonathan Taylor mystery team, Eagles trade request, Stafford struggles

Jun 25, 2023

Jonathan Taylor trade talks continue and are expected to go down to the wire, according to Stephen Holder of ESPN, but with one twist. The Dolphins are not the sole bidders here. A second team is involved, which could change the dynamic of trade talks.

The Dolphins have been the heavily speculated favorites for Taylor since the Colts opted to grant his trade request. Miami was interested in free agent Dalvin Cook before he signed with division-rival New York. Taylor might be the best runner in football when he's healthy. His presence in the backfield would balance an offense geared toward the long-range playmaking prowess of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle at WR.

That said, the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos have also been connected to Taylor in the past. At least one more team is lurking, which means the Dolphins could be forced into a bidding war. The price of RBs around the league has never been lower, but Taylor led the NFL in yards from scrimmage (2,171) and touchdowns (20) in 2021, his last healthy season.

Maybe RBs don't have the longest shelf life, but Taylor is 24 years old. He should have several years of impactful running left in the tank. He's a talented pass-catcher too, capable of operating as a three-down back and providing Tua Tagovailoa (or another mystery QB) with a pressure-relief valve near the line of scrimmage.

There should probably be more than two teams haggling over Taylor, but that's the state of today's RB market. The Dolphins already possess one of the league's most potent offenses. Taylor could push them to the next level. We can't write it in stone just yet, though.

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