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DeepDrive to unveil new central drive unit at IAA Mobility

Aug 09, 2023

DeepDrive, a Munich-based deep-tech company backed by BMW and Continental (earlier post), will unveil a new central drive unit for electric vehicles as a world premiere at the IAA Mobility 2023 (4 - 10 September). The company says it is actively working with several leading OEMs interested in the DeepDrive drive unit. First series deployments are planned for 2027.

DeepDrive has developed a cost- and resource-efficient dual-rotor motor, extending the range of electric vehicles. The patented DeepDrive dual-rotor, radial flux machine combines an inner and outer rotor with two air gaps and benefits from very high material utilization and lowest iron losses. The key enabler for the dual-rotor concept is a new distributed winding concept with a slot-filling factor above 80%.

In addition to the wheel hub drive presented for the first timeat the IAA Mobility 2021, the new central drive based on the same technology isnow following as another world premiere.

The DeepDrive drive unit minimizes material consumption. The optimized design significantly reduces the need for magnets (-50% compared to the competition) and iron (-80% compared to the competition) and underlines the company‘s commitment to resource-efficient innovations.

DeepDrive’s drive unit will be available in two variants that meet different market needs. Both variants combine the motor with a two-stage spur gear and ahighly efficient SiC inverter.

The DeepDrive CSD 450 offers an engine torque of 430 N·m with an output power of 230 kWand is suited as the main drive for mainstream applications in electric vehicles(front or rear-wheel drive up to the C segment) as well as all-wheel drive concepts in the premium segment. With variable gear ratios, output torques of between 2,700 and 3,800 N·m can be achieved.

The DeepDrive CSD 700 delivers up to 5,400 N·m output torque with an output power of 350 kW and is positioned as the main drive for premium vehicles in the D-segment class and all- wheel drive configurations.

DeepDrive central drive CSD 450

Both variants offer high efficiencies in wide operating ranges and enable cost-effective yet long-range electric vehicles.

Both drive units feature an integrated SiC-inverter and a two-stage, spur gearbox with coaxial output shaft that minimizes space consumption at a very low cost level. Gearbox ratio for the CSD 450 can be varied in a range from 6.4:1 to 9:1; for the CSD 700, the range is from 6:1 to 8:1.

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